World's smallest air guitarist

Are you out there? My screen name is Number Kay. I make games. I write. I'm working on a novel. I used to do some theater, and now I work at a big one to pay my rent.

I've had a lot of jobs over the years to support my creativity. I calculate, I've emptied a tiny trash container into a larger trash container more than a hundred thousand times. I've worked as a dish washer, in retail packing and shipping and in warehouses of all kinds. I was once a notary, drove a forklift for a while, and I spent six months behind the drive-through window at a Wendy's, saving up to move back to San Francisco.

That's where I live, with my girlfriend and our cat. I was born here too, at what's now called "Zuckerburg" San Francisco General Hospital. Since then, I've watched the home of hippies and weirdos become the heart of Silicon Valley and shatter the whole world into tiny, ad-fueled echo chambers.

I took a web design class once, in 1996, back when the internet promised to create an open system of free creativity and association. It hasn't quite worked out that way. I'm sick of using corporate templates, so I created this website -- this abandoned interactive TV kiosk -- as much by "hand" as possible.

I tend to stay off social media, but I sometimes post on Mastodon, and my email address is only visible with javaScript enabled.

My given name is Timothy Kay, but there are quite a number of people who share that, so...

This program was brought to you today by the Number Kay.

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